Website Maintenance Services

Why Should I Have Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance is highly important. We will always suggest maintenance so that your website stays current with the technology, up-to-date with search, especially Google, and from hackers. Outdated and non-maintained websites are a playground for hackers who have nothing better do than to disrupt people business, with glee, and put malware on your website. Sometimes a hack is unsavable and you have to start over all again. It is important to back-up your website every month and we can do that for you with Pure Website Maintenance. Not saying that all website maintenance services will keep a hacker from intruding but a well maintained website your chances of getting hacked are lowered significantly.

Up-To-Date SEO Plugin

More importantly having a well maintained website keeps SEO, Search Engine Optimization, current with search, especially Google. When you’re not updating your SEO or keeping your SEO plugin updated it can sometimes disrupt ranking. We keep that SEO updated as the technology updates.

Website Functionality

Furthermore, a non-maintain website can and will make your website not very functional or not functional at all. There will be elements that won’t work like you logo suddenly dropping off, galleries won’t load, pages load slowly and more.

Let us maintain all features, elements, and plugins on your website so you can have peace of mind that everything is current and up-to-date!



Website Maintenance Service Packages

We offer three different packages of website maintenance services for your website. We have Pure Basic Maintenance, eCommerce Maintenance, and Full Maintenance that is focused on SEO.

Basic Pure Website Maintenance

Basic Pure Website Maintenance

SEO Full Maintenance

eCommerce Maintenance

Maintenance for eCommerce