In our Website Services to you we understand that our culture is bombarded with all kinds of marketing and advertising messages. You probably get emails, texts, and maybe even mailers pitching, “We can get you on the first page of Google!” In today’s digital world everyone is an SEO marketer, a social media guru, website developer extraordinaire … well alightly then, as I take a deep breath and roll my eyes.

It is not so much of what you know but what you CAN DO. Knowledge vs. Experience. Knowledge is great and having an education I will never, never balk at. But experience to back up that knowledge is powerful. Pure Media Marketing we put our knowledge into action and we have now for 11 years and continuing to upward and forward.

With all the “noise” of every brand, product, and service trying to reach its audience, how can your message stand out? The solution is easy; communicate a message that has answers to a need. A message that has a call to action! But it is more effective when you can sell your product or service in the lifestyle of your target audience than to guess and put out a message and with fingers crossed hoping that someone will respond. In other words, it is showing how and WHY your product or service can benefit your customers. It is done by listening to your customers’ problems.

At Pure Media Marketing, with our website services we help you find that message, a message that effectively communicates to your target audience.

Our Website Services and Marketing
Website Design on WordPress


We build, develop, and design websites on the WordPress Framework. We design with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. Being found in search results it important to our clients and it’s all in the planning. We meet with the client first. We plan, strategize, then get to work to give you a website that is responsive across all mobile platforms. Furthermore, you will be able to grow and expand with the ever changing technology.

Website Maintenance

We can’t over emphasize the importance of website maintenance. With today’s dynamic technology changing we update your website regularly and sometimes daily. Having an up-to-date website is vital on the World Wide Web (www) environment. A current website keeps hackers at bay and functionality running without glitches. We offer basic, eCommerce, to full maintenance with SEO.


Search Engine Optimization, aka: SEO, is our website services specialty here at Pure Media Marketing. In today’s search world everyone is an SEO Marketer. But knowing how to properly and effective optimize a website for search is crucial to the success of traffic coming to your website. Moreover, ranking with content with key phrases and keywords that search, like Google, loves to crawl.

Online Video

“Videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of search results”. Video works. It is not so much about saying ALL the right things about your service or product as it is provoking interest, keeping a little mystery, and being very clear about what you want to say in a short amount of time to your target audience. Pure Media Marketing believes video is essential.

Market Research

Question: “What type of people do you want walking through your doors? Knowing WHO you want to target helps GREATLY your marketing plan. Knowing your target audience defines your message. Defining your message gives a clear communication of your purpose. Communicating your purpose clarifies your goals. Clarifying your goals captures vision. Capturing a vision kindles the dream. Kindling the dream awakens passion. We will approach market research with the clients’ dream and purpose in mind. Planning a road map for marketing is truly the way to succeed in your goals.

Full Agency

We are a full marketing agency. We produce and write commercials for network television, radio, and most traditional advertising. Our process includes planning, market research design, production, producing advertisements, and placement on network television. Pure Media Marketing has close relationships with Nielsen, Scarborough, and other research firm to help our clients, small or medium, to capture a given market where they serve.

Social Media

Social Media has caused businesses to be relational, not commercial. It gives “word-of-mouth” a whole different meaning. With our website services we assist you with Social Media. Connection and Relationship are common words associated with Social Media, such as Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. And you know what? That’s just what Social Media is all about: Relationship, and Connection.


Podcasts are an effective way to get your message out to your target audience. And they are becoming more and more popular and that why it’s a part of our website services. You are your own talk show host giving important information, taking about your services, or expressing your ideas of current events. We believe that podcasts are an effective way to further your message to your target audience.